Venture Universal Trade

About US

With over 5 years of industry experience and knowledge, VUT has installed more than 2.5 MW of projects within the industrial, residential and agricultural sectors. Our expert technical team is extremely well qualified and has immense on-site as well as customer management experience.

Our Vision

Universal trade envisions becoming the leading renewable energy provider in terms of solar energy within Pakistan. Our aim is to enable ongoing growth and development by focusing on our mission and values while delivering our energy solutions and services to our customers. We believe that energy must be accessible to everyone, should be clean, safe and affordable with a long-term problem-solving orientation. Modern day innovative solar technologies in combination with energy storage solutions on grid and off grid enable majority of the population to take advantage of solar energy within the country. A country fertile in land with excess of clear skies and sunlight and predominantly an agro-based economy, within Pakistan we believe that access to affordable energy can act as a catalyst in solving the water, food supply and energy crisis. It also provides access to light, communication technologies and education which results as a boost to all other sectors of the economy/society.

Our Mission

Solar solutions are alternatives to non-renewable sources of energy production that have hazardous results on the environment. With Pakistan being the 7th most affected country in the world in terms of climate change, our mission is to install solar solutions to all parts of the country in an effort to reduce the adverse effects of climate change caused by the use of non-renewable energy. We are determined to eradicate environmental liabilities and would like to contribute collectively along with our partners to create a safe, green and environment friendly homeland. At vut, through dedication, dynamism and unflinching resolve of our highly motivated staff we offer quality solar solutions that are long-term oriented and add value to businesses, residential and industrial projects likewise. Our focus is providing sustainable, high quality, and cost-efficient turn-key solutions with extensive backup support/maintenance of 5 years.

What drives us at VUT is to make possible, the improvement in living conditions of various communities of Pakistan, which have potential to excel but cannot due to limited or no access to resources. We endeavor to enhance capacity in energy sector to add to national capacity with a view to improve people’s own lives. This is what, we are all about. Our ventures are not for profit but are for enhancing life standards of our citizens. In fact we stand for…value addition – to make Pakistan green and create an environment friendly atmosphere for the future generations.

Maj Gen (Rtd) Shaukat Iqbal

Managing director, VUT

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