Our business has great scope of work which gives synergy in our efforts to make life of our country men comfortable. There are three main branches of Venture Universal Trade private limited namely;

  • Venture Renewable Energy Sector (Solar Energy Systems)
  • Pakistan to Germany Studies (German Free Education Sector )
  • Venture Medical Sector (Hospital medical equipment)

Our vision and foremost objective is execution of vigorous, accurate and high quality work to empower all businesses to go beyond their potential by partnering with us. Our business experience reflects that;

  • We practice core values of Truth, Honesty, Integrity & Trust
  • We invest in building client relations
  • We share and collaborate with our business partners
  • We put ourselves in client’s shoes
  • We focus on value addition
  • Quality remain hallmark of our work

Guided by these Principals, each and every member of our team and staff endeavors to achievement of our core objectives with high prevailing sense of objectivity and professionalism.

Here at VUT, we add value to the businesses and communities by resolving their problems and providing them the best solutions with low costing and sustainable plans. In our core business of solar our focus is to take renewable energy concept beyond its commercial aspects to a more environmental and technological arena where there will be a paradigm shift in improvement of environmental conditions. We adopt practices based on professionalism and sell only those energy solutions which are not only favorable to our partners but are vindicated as well.

Here at P2Gs (Pakistan to Germany studies) a subsidiary of VUT, we provide cheap and quality education, mainly concentrating on free university education at Germany and scholarship based education at Turkey. In education sector, helping citizens of Pakistan in their future is more important than our business.

In Medical sector, we explore all avenues to get top of the line but affordable medical equipment. Major part of import of used and new Medical equipment is from Germany. In new equipment, focus is kept on life support equipment

Here at VUT, we design, engineer, implement, train, monitor and support in field of renewable energy solutions and medical equipment by partnering with valuable clients. Implementation of sustainable energy solutions adds value to our customers in energy sector and to overall environment, but medical equipment being life supporting and education being making life more prosperous adds value to our business.

VUT was formed in Pakistan after the highly successful projects implemented by its experienced engineers in renewable energy sector. The Top management of the company being the senior officers having managerial and technical capabilities from Army background, resulted in the establishment of firms that have combined experience of engineers,  managerial potential of its top management in education system and  medical industry of Europe especially Germany.

By partnering with our fellow customer we provide energy to those areas where there is no concept of electricity. Similarly provide cheap but quality medical equipment to those hospitals which cannot afford new equipment. Similarly we support those students in university education who have brain but least resources.                                                                                                                                                                                  

VUT works in collaboration with Government, Army, and industry and not only for but profit to deliver low cost electricity and provision of related solutions associated with electrification. We also provide high tech security systems which are modern, convenient, reliable, and durable and are based on latest innovative technologies.