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Tube Wells

HQ 15 Div Sialkot Solar Tube Well Polo Ground

This project is funded by HQ Sialkot for installation of Solar Tube Well in Polo Ground Sialkot. VUT successfully installed Solar Tube Well with 10 KW solar arrays and 10 Hp motor.  


Project NameHQ 15 Div Solar Tube Well
Name and address of clientHQ 15 Div Sialkot Maj Hammad (DQ) (03325195239)
Client contact personMaj Hammad (DQ) (03325195239)
Period of ContractDec 2015
Description of services provided-          10,0000 Wp array -          10 Hp oil lubricated motor -          120,000 IG/day flow rate -          End to end site selection, design, installation, training and monitoring services
CommentsProject completed on schedule and within budget