VUT is one of the leading providers of technologies with huge implementation capacity. We have the team of qualified professionals having expertise in all relevant areas of solar energy and medical equipment. Led by our MD Maj Gen (Rtd) Shaukat Iqbal, who is determined in achieving the goal of furnishing the society with solutions, which leads to improvement in every sector of life. Our projection is far wider than just being an energy/equipment providers or engineers. We are the stakeholders in overall improvement of the society. Our team comprises of professionals who possess potential of working with many national and international organizations in Armed Forces sector, government bodies, NGOs and community based bodies. Our expertise’s are in the fields of technology, product innovation, design development, defense electronics, capacity building, finance, technical and human resource management. Our team possesses an overall experience of working with more than dozen esteemed organizations in challenging environments where their efficiency and quality has remained unquestioned, which manifest a credential for our firm.

Focus of Our Business

  1. Solar Tube well/ Irrigation Systems
  2. Solar street lighting and spot lighting systems
  3. Solar DC and AC home electrification systems
  4. Solar powered Health Clinics
  5. Solar DC and AC home electrification systems
  6. Electrification of schools and house hold projects
  7. High tech surveillance and camera systems
  8. Provision of Medical equipment for Hospitals