Medical Equipment - German Import

The Medical Equipment Team

VENTURE Universal Trade is a leading supply company for new, used, and refurbished medical equipment such as anaesthesia machines, surgical instruments, electrosurgical equipment, patient monitoring, OT-lights, hospital equipment, emergency medicine and a variety of other used medical equipment. Many items are in stock and ready to ship.

The main aim behind provision of Medical Equipment for various hospitals in Pakistan is to provide the high tech reliable medical machinery from countries like Germany in relatively cheap and affordable prices without compromising on quality so that a common Pakistani man can be facilitated by modern machinery.

The team is led by Major General (Rtd) Shaukat Iqbal. Below are few key members belonging to the field of medical that are in support and coordination for provision of high tech modern machinery in medical field to various hospitals in Pakistan:

  • Major General (Dr) Zafar-ul-Islam – Head of Cardiology Department Quaid-e-Azam Hospital
  • Dr Ahmed Bilal Kayani - Venture Universal Trade
  • Dr Haris bin Shaukat - Berlin, Germany

German Medical Technology Industry Works

The commitment to the values of innovation and quality has paid off for German med-tech. A third of the sector's sales revenues come from products that are less than three years old. The country also far surpassed its rivals in terms of registering new patents for surgery and surgical navigation in 2010. Figures like that indicate that buying German medical technology leaves health care providers with state-of-the-art, sustainable technology for treating patients.

Reliability is another key feature of German medical technology. The sector provides equipment health professionals and patients can trust - every single time.

Guaranteed dependability has helped make Germany the European leader in terms of med-tech sales turnover. In 2012, the sector generated a total turnover of some EUR 22 billion, with 68 percent of sales going abroad. Germany also tops the ranks in terms of exports not only to European countries, but many of the world's other regions as well, with more and more products destined for the markets of Asia and Central and South America. German medical technology is going places; don't pass it up.

Why Medical Equipment?

Health is a basic right of every human being and should be upheld in every society. Doctors and medical professionals can only be as effective as the equipment and pharmaceuticals they are using to understand, diagnose and treat their patients in all fields of medicine.

VUT intends to empower such medical professionals in their pursuit of high quality health care without compromise at affordable prices.


Medos has been making German medical technology history since 1987, for the benefit of cardiac surgeons, perfusionists and patients. Whether aortic valve replacement or bypass surgery, almost all cardiac surgery procedures can be performed effectively using Medos products.



An extensive portfolio of surgical sutures with the main focus on heart and vascular surgery is sold business-to-business. Extensive product certifications according to the medical device 93/42/EEC have been obtained; certifications for new medical products can be realized.



Inspired by our clients’ needs, we are constantly developing new projects. A New sector for sourcing, distribution and selling of medical equipment has been established in our company. We are offering new and refurbished, high quality products from well known European companies and producers, mainly from Germany.


Medical Furniture

Electrical and mechanical hospital Beds, mattresses and other hospital furniture from European producers. In addition to that there are Gynaecology chairs, Dental Units and OT-tables.



Ultrasound, x-ray and optical machines in very good conditions to help in diagnosis and analysis.



Monitors for intensive care, CTG and ECG machines help in monitoring of patients in different fields of medicine.



Dialysis machines, Anaesthesia equipment, Incubators, Suction and Drainage devices, mobile transport equipment is also part of the refurbished material.

All of the equipment is passed through a rigorous quality control and is cleaned by professionals before sale. There is also a continuous expanding base of new equipment as per the demands of the market in Pakistan.